Illegal personal information sales site buyer information leakage

Personal information such as addresses, credit card information, phone numbers, and IP addresses for 24,000 people who purchased illegal data using WeLeakInfo, a personal information trading site, was sold on online forums.

WeeklyInfo is a website that sold 12 billion personal information collected from over 10,000 data breaches. In January 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice arrested two WickInfo operators, and the domain was confiscated by the authorities. Weekly Info is said to have been a useful tool for cyberattacks against individuals because it allows users to view password-related email addresses as opposed to passwords associated with sending valid emails at a low price of $2 for 24-hour access, $7 for weekly access, and $25 for one-month access. .

Although the week info was confiscated by the authorities, the domain registration was terminated within the confiscation period. According to the content posted on the data breach forum, a user (pompompurin) who noticed domain termination registered a new domain and reset the Stripe account password associated with the WikiInfo operator. In this way, in line with the use of WeeklyInfo, you can access all the data on the person who paid for the Stripe. However, it did not have access to user data that made payments in Bitcoin or PayPal.

Cybersecurity company Flashpoint checked the copy of the data and found that it included credit card information and personal information such as email address, name, IP address, browser user agent string, address, phone number, and payment charges. It was also revealed that Weekly Info was selling about 100,000 pounds from 24,603 customers within a year. The forum said that the data was compressed into a ZIP file to sell weekinfo customer information.

Reportedly, neglecting an expired domain warns that you can gain access to accounts associated with that domain. Related information can be found here.



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