Cell robot confirmed capable of self-replication

A team of researchers from Harvard University, Tufts University and the University of Vermont has confirmed that Xenobots, synthetic creatures and living robots, are capable of self-replication. This is the...

Like life, there are limits… Social media limited to 100 posts?

Minus is an SNS that has no likes or follows, and the number of posts that can be posted is limited to 100. If you go to the site and create an account (Sign up→Create Account), you can check the URL via email...

Why women live longer than men

Why is the average lifespan of women longer than men? When looking at the secretion of estrogen, which is usually called a female hormone, and testosterone, a type of male hormone, women secrete more estrogen...

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Spotify abolishes carview mode

A user discovered that Car View, a car operation mode installed in the Spotify app, had been deleted, and Spotify also acknowledged the removal of the function. Carview is a simple display mode that allows you to...

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