AI software to find unauthorized resale of NFTs

DeviantArt, a site where artists such as illustrators and photographers from all over the world submit and exchange works, has developed an AI software that can check the similarity of works so that you can immediately discover that others are submitting works to the NFT without permission. introduced

This image recognition software using machine learning is called DeviantArt Protect. It finds NFT products that are suspicious of resale even if the original image has left and right inversions or the color is slightly changed.

It is said that criminals who steal artworks automatically steal artworks using something like an NFT bot. First, the artist directly searches for and sends a withdrawal request. However, it is expected that theft can be suppressed through AI to some extent in the future. As soon as plagiarism is discovered, the author can view the news on the screen and choose between viewing NFT or ignore. It continues to appear until an automatic withdrawal request is made, so the author must take action, such as raising an objection.

Because NFTs can prove that they are the only works, there are many investors, and works are often sold at high prices ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won. Until now, NFT art sales have offered various art business opportunities such as analog or digital, with Banksy’s meteorite CG art being auctioned off or non-existent pieces were sold for 20 million won. Related information can be found here.



Through the monthly AHC PC and HowPC magazine era, he has watched 'technology age' in online IT media such as ZDNet, electronic newspaper Internet manager, editor of Consumer Journal Ivers, TechHolic publisher, and editor of Venture Square. I am curious about this market that is still full of vitality.

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