“Online service suppression?” China Announces Plan to Strengthen Algorithm Regulation

China Cyberspace Administration CAC announced on September 29 (local time) a joint plan aimed at healthy and orderly development in the industry by introducing a sound management mechanism and standardized ecosystem of Internet information service-related algorithms over the next three years. Recently, Chinese authorities are tightening regulations on online services, and this announcement is seen as part of this.

China, which is tightening the online service industry, is tightening antitrust laws that attacked e-commerce systems and payment services in 2021, rules restricting children’s online games to less than three hours a week, and regulating online education business.

In September, the State Council announced the policy of strengthening surveillance of online news sites and platforms and disseminating socialist values. The goal is to cultivate ethics and rules that conform to socialist values in cyberspace.

In a new statement, CAC said in a new statement that recent algorithms played an important role in information dissemination, promotion of the digital economy, and social development. pointed out According to the joint policy guidelines announced in August by the CAC and the Communist Party’s propaganda department, nine regulatory departments announced that they would demand stricter algorithm regulation on local governments over the next three years and hold companies accountable for technology.

The joint policy guidelines published in August repeatedly record the importance of corporate self-regulation while demanding that local governments strengthen regulations. Enhancing responsibility for the algorithms that companies operate, encouraging them to set up security and scientific and technological ethical review systems, and legal violations or misconduct against algorithms will be severely punished. It also states that the abuse of algorithms, such as manipulation of public opinion using algorithms, attacks on competitors, and infringement of Internet users’ rights, is prohibited.

Algorithms are an important asset in the Chinese online service industry, and TikTok and Bilibili algorithms are used to learn user interests and interests and to recommend personalized content and products. Reportedly, Chinese authorities fear algorithms under state control because algorithms are critical to controlling what people see and hear in the digital space. Related information can be found here.



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