Plugin to prevent JavaScript tracking

On September 30 (local time), the Free Software Foundation announced JShelter, a browser plug-in function to reduce the risk of malicious code that exploits JavaScript, such as tracking and data collection.

If JavaScript is used, a program that is automatically executed when the browser loads a website can implement dynamic content and various convenient functions on the website in connection with the browser function. However, as there are many functions, the possibility of vulnerabilities is not small, so privacy and security issues are also pointed out.

Therefore, the Free Software Foundation announced J Shelter, a browser extension that controls browser functions and prevents harmful JavaScript behavior. According to the Free Software Foundation, J Shelter not only provides users with the protection they need, but also proves the power and help of free software, the philosophy of the Free Software Foundation, and will serve as an opportunity to discuss the dangers of non-free software on the web.

According to the Free Software Foundation, the use of JavaScript can lead to various breaches of user security and privacy, such as creating fingerprints that track users across sites, exposing local network addresses, and stealing input forms before sending them. .

In order to prevent this risk, J Shelter will check whether users are permitted to use the browser functions provided by the JavaScript engine and Document Object Model for each site or provide descriptions of these functions to users. Users can use J Shelter to block unnecessary privacy protection functions, grant limited privileges that reduce GPS function accuracy, or set to return a user-specified value.

The NLnet Foundation, which supports J Shelter, said that the browser is perhaps the most important tool we depend on, but users have no control over what the browser allows or shares much of the information it allows, and the internet environment surrounding the browser is healthy. It is difficult, he said, saying that J Shelter will help you deepen your understanding of these risks and protect yourself from harm.

In addition to the J Shelter development project, the initial version has already been released under the name of JavaScript Restrictor and can be installed for free on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Related information can be found here.



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