Samsung Electronics to introduce 576 million pixel image sensor by 2025?

It was revealed through leaked slides that Samsung Electronics announced that it would release a 576 million pixel image sensor in 2025 at the SEMI Europe Summit, a semiconductor-related event.

Samsung Electronics is leading the pixel competition by announcing an image sensor for 108-megapixel smartphones ahead of other companies in 2019 and recently announcing ISOCell HP1, an image sensor for 200-megapixel smartphones.

In this presentation, it is explained that the 576 million pixel image sensor will be mainly used in fields such as autonomous driving, virtual reality, and drones. Of course, this is not to deny the use of smartphones.

On the other hand, if the image sensor is over-pixelated, the pixels captured by the light become smaller and there is also a disadvantage that it is impossible to bring in enough light. To solve this problem, Samsung Electronics introduced a technology that enables pixel size expansion by treating 4 and 16 pixels as 1 pixel. The use of similar technology is also expected to be essential for a 576 million pixel image sensor.

Samsung Electronics has also announced that it will develop a 600 million pixel sensor that surpasses the human eye in 2020. As the image sensor size problem improves, it is surprising how fast the technology is advancing when you think that in a few years, cameras higher than the human eye may be mounted on mobile devices such as smartphones. Related information can be found here.



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