Bird e-Scooter develops automatic stop safety system with satellite

Bicycle and e-scooter sharing company Bird has developed a system called Smart Sidewalk Protection, a technology that stops the accelerator when it goes on the sidewalk.

Several technologies are used behind the scenes, such as detecting speed and inclination or utilizing GPS plus GNSS, a high-precision satellite navigation system, to reduce accidents with pedestrians. While moving, the vehicle locates the vehicle with high accuracy, and the distance to the sidewalk is measured in centimeters. It is characterized by being able to receive an accelerator stop signal instantaneously, enabling large-scale operation.

In the case of GPS, urban buildings are made up of valleys, so even if the signal is disturbed or the ground is moving due to GIS lens distortion and pull-rate theory, it will not be possible to accurately measure it. Moreover, if using cameras and AI, there is a need to machine-learning subtly different city faces around the world.

However, this problem also succeeded in clearing this problem at the minimum cost at any distance by tagging with Swiss u-blox, which is familiar with the location information system. It became possible to mount it on an e-scooter without any problems.

If this technology is used and the e-scooter goes on the sidewalk, a notification will come on the smartphone with a warning sound, and the accelerator will not work smoothly. It is an e-scooter with a dangerous image because the speed comes out of electricity, but thanks to electric power, it is also possible to mount such a safety device. Related information can be found here.



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