Now in the field … Fully automatic laser scarecrow

In the United States, a full automatic laser scarecrow that follows a bird trying to attack a crop with a laser is attracting attention. In a blueberry field in the state of Oregon, every year when the harvest season is over, 2,000 to 3,000 birds swarm and peck the blueberries. The loss amounts to a quarter of all the blueberries in the whole field and costs $ 100,000.

I hired a hunter to prevent this bird approach, but it did not work properly and eventually I introduced a fully automatic laser scarecrow made by a company called BCG (Bird Control Group), which installed six laser scarecrows in an area of ​​1.35 × 0.7 km.

The laser scarecrow uses a principle that makes the approaching birds aware of the laser beam as a predator and shoots them away. Originally used at airports or corporate farms, it gets power from solar panels and threatens birds by shooting green lasers in an irregular pattern. Of course, the green laser beam itself is dangerous to take away the sight of humans and wildlife, but the manufacturer has adjusted the laser direction and power to solve the problem. Laser scarecrows cost $ 9,500 each. It is expensive, but it is said to be cheap for agricultural machines. More information on laser scarecrows can be found here .



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