AI notifies you by detecting firearms?

Athena Security, a security company, has developed a camera system that combines artificial intelligence and the cloud to detect and alert guns. If you install the system in a crowded place, the camera can detect the firearms that people have and tell the police authorities.

Examples of places where people gather are places such as schools and businesses. Of course, it can be installed at a venue or a station to help prevent a fire case or prevent a victim. The system has already been introduced to a high school in Pennsylvania, USA.

When the system detects a firearm, it sends a notification to the pre-configured authority via the cloud. It also provides a real-time image function that allows you to view images detected through mobile apps. However, there is a possibility that a system that detects a small object through such a camera image may be notified in error. If the system itself is used 100% for on-site judgment, there may be a problem of liability. The company says that the detection accuracy of the system can be detected in 99% within 2 seconds. In addition to searching for firearms, it plans to further develop the system to respond to the detection of other crimes such as fighting or knives. Athena Security added that detection of the fighting will be added in the next few months.

The system developed by Athena Security can customize the artificial intelligence to detect threats, such as certain weapons, including firearms. It is also possible to block the perpetrator by linking with the building system. The system can be selected from three levels depending on the function. The top-level version, including real-time video and building system integration, costs $ 100 per month. The system uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 for image detection and supports many existing camera security networks. For more information, please click here .



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