Can you find out the number of people using WiFi?

The Santa Barbara campus research team at the University of California in the United States has found another use for wireless Wi-Fi routers. You can count the number of people walking around in space. Even though people do not have any devices, they can expect quite high accuracy.

The researchers installed a Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver in the experimental room. Using 10cm thick concrete walls is not 100% accurate, but 100% accuracy can be expected with wooden materials. Wi-Fi transmission and reception itself is a result of all through the laptop. As a result of the 44th test, the error was only about 2 persons and did not do the radio control before the verification. The accuracy is higher than expected.

The calculation of the number of people using Wi-Fi is a result of calculating the time when the signal is blocked while people are walking around and the time when it is revived. You have to apply hard formulas, but you know how many people you know in a mathematical way.

Leading this research is Jasmin Mostofi, a professor of electrical and computer engineering. She has been studying how to find a person in a wall or debris by putting a sensor on a dron so far, and this study also applies this technique. Similarly, the MIT researchers have also conducted research that uses radio frequency (RF) radio waves in the room to detect only the reflections that are reflected to humans and to understand the movement of people beyond the walls. The approach is similar, but similar in that it uses radio waves to determine the number and movement of people. For more information, please click here .



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