If you limit the use of SNS less loneliness?

According to a study by Melissa G. Hunt, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, research on the causal relationship between SNS and happiness shows that loneliness is greatly reduced by limiting the use of SNS.

SNS, such as Instagram, has become an indispensable platform for young people. Of course, bullying and SNS tiredness can be a problem in SNS. In fact, however, the causal relationship between the use of SNS and loneliness has not been proven so far, he said.

The survey was conducted on 143 students who were divided into groups using SNS as usual, and Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram usage divided into groups of 10 minutes per day. SNS usage time check was confirmed by submitting 3 weeks’ screen shot of smartphone battery screen of participating students.

Research has shown that limiting the use of SNS greatly reduces the tendency to loneliness or depression. It is ironic that the loneliness is added to the use of SNS which easily connects with other people.

Of course, the fact that the research results alone restricts the use of SNS can be dismissive. The research team acknowledged, but all about the degree of loneliness was based on self-report rather than third-party observation, and limited Facebook, snapshots, and Instagrams did not limit other SNS. In extreme terms, it is not possible to deny the possibility that loneliness may be reduced if you stop using Facebook or Instagram and use Twitter.

Therefore, the researchers conclude that the findings can not be guaranteed to apply to all other SNSs. The survey also targeted 18-22 year-olds, but it does not know whether other age groups will get the same results. It is meaningful to point out objectively that there is a causal relationship between the time of using SNS and the happiness, but it is meaningful because it is a result that the loneliness is reduced by the use of SNS, can do. For more information, please click here .



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