Beauty, Middle Drones Data Eavesdropping Possibility Warning

The US Department of Homeland Security warned that a Chinese drones could transmit the flight status data to the manufacturer without permission and share it with a third party. The Department of Homeland Security has warned related companies and organizations that they have strong concerns about technology products that send US data to authoritarian state territories and give them free access.

This means more attention should be given to national security and important infrastructure-related organizations because of the high risk of spying. In the United States, drones are used by police agencies in all areas of disaster relief and medical purposes. This warning does not list the manufacturers of drone, but it is reported that 80% of the drones used by US and Canadian public institutions are Chinese DJI products. However, DJI says its technology safety has been confirmed by the US government and key US companies.

The warning issued by the US Department of Homeland Security’s cyber security and infrastructure security department came less than a week after President Trump signed the presidential decree against the risks he could not bear. The presidential decree considers the problem of telecom equipment companies such as Huawei and ZTE in China using infrastructure for surveillance.

But there is no clear evidence to date that companies such as Huawei have helped spy on the Chinese government. There is also no evidence that a Chinese company like DJI shares the drone flight data somewhere and that it is useful for some purposes. For more information, please click here .



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