100,000 photo data leaked

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a US customs and border protection agency, announced on June 10 (local time) that information such as face photographs of 100,000 entrants and vehicle license plates were leaked.

The direct cause of leakage is the subcontractor contracted by CBP. It was in charge of shooting face photographs and license plate images of passersby over the US border. However, the subcontractor copied the pictures taken on the company’s network without CBP permission and was hacked in networking.

The foreign press reported that the subcontractor produced Perceptics, which produces license plates and provides border security services to the US government. CBP spokesperson and Percepticus CEO did not comment on this.

According to a US government official, the leak information is said to be about 100,000 people. As of June 10, CBP said it was not confirmed on the Dark Web site. However, US immigration image data leaked this time may be useful to the US government and hostile, but it is useless data to the individual, and may not leak to the dark web.

The criticism about the collection of image data about this leak is increasing. An expert said that if the government collects confidential information about Americans, it needs to protect that information, and that it should be responsible for signing contracts with private subcontractors. It is also pointed out that the best way to prevent sensitive privacy infringements is not to collect itself. For more information, please click here .



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