Reinforced exoskeleton guardian XO uses this way

The Guardian XO is a reinforced exoskeleton that strengthens human power. It was released as a product after 25 years of research came to fruition. If you look at the commercial promotion video released, you can see what field it is practical in.

This product can be hung on a hook or pinched in a fist to carry heavy loads. There is also a degree of freedom, such as attaching a dedicated hook for carrying the tire. It emphasizes efficiency, such as performing the detailed work of lifting and mounting screws with bare hands.

Manufacturer Sarcos Robotics said that Guardian XO is the first in the world as a battery-powered industrial robot, and it is a full-body type with 24 degrees of freedom that can be 20 times stronger than humans. It means that you can lift a 90kg object with a lightness of about 5kg. In addition, since it detects human movement within 1 millisecond, it reacts in near real time, so there is no delay in movement.

For the user’s safety, the fall prevention device works even when worn for user safety, and the attachment and detachment takes place within 30 seconds, allowing quick escape from emergency situations. Rent is $100,000 per year. This product was introduced by Delta Air Lines and was demoted during CES 2020. Car maker Ford is also introducing a reinforced exoskeleton that supports only the upper body, but not this exoskeleton at the assembly plant. Now, we may be entering an era where it is natural for humans to work with exoskeletons like this. Related information can be found here .



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