Uber launches contactless delivery service between individuals

Due to the Corona 19 epidemic, demand for delivery services is also increasing rapidly as more and more people are asked to ban or refrain from going out. Uber Eats, a restaurant delivery service provider, is gaining popularity.

UberDirect is based on Uber Rush, a service launched in 2016. Uberrush ended its service in 2018 and handed over the research results to Uber Eats, but as the Corona 19 pandemic, Uber Direct was able to provide service again.

UberDirect is a service that delivers prescription drugs, post office parcels, and pet supplies from custom retail stores to households. It is currently available in New York, Australia and Portugal, and delivery of goods is contactless.

UberConnect is an individual item delivery service. You can log in to the existing Uber app to deliver cargo to friends and family. On the Uber app screen, you will see an option called Connect, in addition to UberX and Comfort, which request dispatch. With UberConnect, you can send toilet paper to a struggling friend or gift a game to a stressed child who can’t go out.

UberConnect is being deployed in 25 cities including the United States, Australia and Mexico. In addition, Lyft, a competitive dispatch service, also begins delivering essential items such as groceries and clothing on behalf of government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and medical institutions. Related information can be found here .



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