Cyber crimes increase in the wake of Corona 19

Although they steal through the chaos caused by disasters and the like, warnings that cybercrime are on the rise these days when the epidemic caused by Corona 19 is spreading.

Reportedly, an FBI official said that the number of reports submitted to the US Internet Crime Complaint Center has been increasing rapidly since the outbreak of Corona 19. It is explained that it was about 1,000 cases a day, but it increased to 3,000 to 4,000 cases.

Many of these are due to hacking. Now, in order to prevent the spread of infection, the number of people staying at home and using the Internet, such as remote work, has increased significantly more than before, but cybercrime such as hacking is increasing rapidly.

Hacking attempts against corona19-related institutions such as the US Department of Health and Welfare, the World Health Organization, and hospitals also increased sharply for several weeks. As of March 15, cyber attacks on the health and welfare system were also carried out. In addition, it is analyzed that hospitals are often vulnerable to security and are likely to be damaged.

Although it is the case of the Czech Republic, not the United States, there are also cases such as ransom crime in which a hospital administration terminal is hacked to stop medical work and open the terminal to deposit money if desired. In addition to hacking, there have also been incidents that took advantage of the spread of Corona 19, such as fundraising scams pretending to donate to charities, and blackmail letters related to Corona 19 damage. Related information can be found here .



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