Google Map to improve Corona 19 function

Google Maps is updated to make it easier to see the COVID-19 infection situation, the ability to understand the congestion of public transportation in real time, the function to show the delivery status or take-out preparation status, and a voice call while starting Google Maps with car navigation. We added features that enable response and music playback.

Google reflected the Corona 19 epidemic on Google Maps through the September 2020 update, but updated this feature in the November 17 (local time) update. Google Maps for Android and iOS will add a link to the infection situation page issued by local governments in addition to the layer indicating the corona 19 epidemic for several weeks. Thus, it is easy to see what restrictions the destination local government is imposing when moving across the state.

In addition, the new Google Map shows the congestion of public transportation in real time, so you can avoid buses and trains that are not caught due to social distance. This function is built on the basis of the function that displays public transport delay information and congestion conditions implemented in 2019, and is updated with user feedback.

In addition, a function that communicates the delivery status ordered through Google Maps is also implemented. This feature is currently only deployed in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and India, but it will be able to match the time before the ordered food arrives.

In Google I/O 2019, a Google Assistant driving mode that can be operated hands-free has appeared. This update allows drivers to send and receive phone response messages and play music without taking their eyes off the path, while starting the navigation with an improved driving mode interface. In addition to selecting the mode when setting the destination on Google Maps, the driving mode can be selected through voice assistance. This feature allows the driver to focus on driving without worrying about anything else.

Also, according to Google, 250 functions were added to Google Maps when Corona 19 was unfolded in 2020. This update is expected to take effect during the holiday season when human mobility is increasing, but Google says it will develop new features to overcome the flu. Related information can be found here .



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