ZETA with 28 companies including Tesla “With 100% EV of new cars by 2030”

Electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Lucid Air, and Livian, and 28 companies related to the development of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies, including Uber, have formed the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA), a lobbying organization that intends to convert 100% of the sales of new vehicles in the US by 2030. Formed.

Some states and local governments have already expressed a plan to ban the sale of new automobiles driven by internal combustion engines in the future, and this trend is growing. California, for example, has decided to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles after 2035, and the British government initially set it to 2040, but it is predicted that the ban on the sale of fossil fuel vehicles will be advanced to 2035 and again in 2030.

ZETA is demanding that the auto market in the U.S. be banned from the sale of cars powered by internal combustion engines from 2030. Electric vehicle technology research focused on electric vehicle factories in the United States, stricter carbon dioxide emission standards than maintaining or increasing the $7,500 tax credit when purchasing electric vehicles under five policies over the next 10 years, infrastructure maintenance for charging stations and other electric vehicles, and electric vehicle factories in the US They are making proposals such as state support to development companies.

Among these, policy is the most important. This is a $7,500 subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles from the Obama administration. The Trump regime denied climate change and made a policy of increasing the use of fossil fuels in its policies, eliminating subsidies when purchasing electric vehicles. Against this, electric car sales companies such as Tesla and GM continue to resist.

Joe Biden, who has virtually won the presidential election, will reveal the policy of the next president before taking office on January 20 next year. Some of the automotive market-related issues are in line with the direction ZETA requires, and the automotive industry aims to expand public transportation infrastructure for zero carbon dioxide emissions, which creates employment for 1 million people, and builds a carbon pollution-free power business by 2035. I am doing it. Related information can be found here .



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