From payment to management… Google Pay with new features

Google Pay, a contactless electronic payment service, has added a new feature in the United States. As an added function, financial situation, consumption habit visualization and even full banking service are added, making it easier for users to manage their money. Of course, the concern is the processing of personal data in this way. Google Pay was announced in 2015, but since then, information has been tracked about when and to whom.

The new Google Pay app displays money exchanges between friends and businesses in the form of a conversation screen. You can also identify the parties you exchange most frequently or send texts easily. Dutch Pay also makes it easier to create chat rooms through the app, and makes it easier to manage balances such as those who have already paid and who have not paid the bill. You can also check the app for coupons from the company. You can also activate coupons or benefits that are automatically applied by saving you the hassle of entering a discount code when paying in-store or online.

There is also a function that visualizes expenses by category and informs you of the billing date from the amount used by the registered bank account or credit card. You can also search for past receipts in the app. Of course, to use these features, you need to allow your app to access your data. If allowed, you can also search for information such as receipt images or registered bank accounts.

Google emphasizes that only the user himself can view the information related to spending. Google says it cannot sell data to third parties or share information with other parts of the company. However, it is said that the shared information can be used to keep the Google ecosystem system connected and provide personalized suggestions.

Google plans to launch Plex, a bank account service through Google Pay connection next year. Related information can be found here .



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