It runs at 620km/h… China’s latest maglev train

A prototype of a high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation linear motor car was unveiled in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. The test track is said to have made a section of 165km as a maglev train that can run at a maximum speed of 620km/h on its own. It is aimed at 800km/h in the future.

The development place is Seonam Jiaotong University Research Center. It is more economical than before because it uses liquid nitrogen as a coolant. General superconductivity using liquid helium needs to be cooled down to -269 degrees, but with liquid nitrogen, it has the advantage that it ends at -196 degrees and relatively high temperature. Since it floats stably by itself, it does not require shock absorption such as suspension, and energy and component costs for implementing it can be saved.

Of course, this maglev train requires longer tracks to improve noise, etc., and it will take six years to operate to commercial level. Related information can be found here .



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