Chrome OS evolved… M89 update new features

The latest version of Chrome OS, the operating system installed on the Chromebook, has added various new features with the M89 update.

First, the Phone Hub. When you register an Android smartphone, you can check the smartphone charging level and notifications on the Chromebook, start tethering, and perform operations such as sound. You can access it with the smartphone icon located at the bottom right of the screen. When a message arrives, it is convenient because you can respond without touching your smartphone. In addition, smartphone Wi-Fi information is synchronized to the Chromebook.

Next is Nearby Share. The official implementation of the Android file sharing function in Chrome OS. The advantage is that you can quickly transfer files without an Internet connection. For example, you can quickly transfer photos taken with an Android smartphone to a Chromebook and use the Lightroom app on the big screen.

Next is Screen Capture. You can easily shoot a specified range or record a screen. Not only that, but because it automatically enters the clipboard, fast paste is possible.

Then Clipboard. The M89 has enough clipboards, so you can put up to five. This is convenient when copying and pasting multiple pieces. It helps to drastically reduce the number of tabs and application switches.

In addition, I placed Tote in the lower right corner of the screen, where I want to use the files I just downloaded and so on. There is also a function to pin frequently used files. In addition, in order to increase the convenience of the virtual desktop function, Desks, it is now possible to easily move the desk and window in the overview mode.

Here, we added the Quick Answers feature, a new feature that displays word meanings and translations with just a right-click. In the case of numbers, it is said that it even converts units.

Select-to-Speak, a text-to-speech function, can also be fine-tuned. It is an update to improve usability, such as speed control, pause, and omission of the previous section.

Google said it plans to strengthen Chrome OS in four major aspects: smart, connect, seamless, and secure. An assist function that detects and helps the user’s next action through the use situation of Smartran. Connect refers to an increase in 4G-supported models and strengthening of smartphone connectivity so that it is always connected to the Internet. Smoothness means that barriers will be mitigated when using new devices, and security means that it will continue to maintain high security while responding to the growing number of connections. Related information can be found here.



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