10cm high-resolution satellite imagery inexpensively…

Albedo, a service that provides higher-resolution satellite images than existing satellite images through a satellite developed by itself, is predicting the service will start in 2024.

The resolution of satellite images is determined in displaying the measurable range, and the lower the number, the higher the resolution. The highest resolution in the existing satellite photos was about 30cm, but Albedo provides a much higher resolution satellite image with a resolution of 10cm.

Topher Haddad, the founder of Albedo, posted an image of a 10cm satellite image that Albedo will provide and a 30cm satellite image, the highest resolution that can be obtained at this time, on his Twitter to improve the clarity of the satellite image provided by Albedo. It also appealed.

The albedo satellite will also be equipped with a high-resolution temperature sensor. Since high-resolution satellite images and temperature sensors are available, the albedo can also be used to monitor forest fires. Against the background of the establishment of Albedo, the existing satellite image sales service requires a long transaction process with a sales representative to purchase a satellite image, or it takes time to obtain purchase data, or a minimum purchase area of satellite images that can be purchased at one time Point out that there were many barriers to purchasing satellite images. Albedo is focused on solving these problems.

Albedo pricing is $2 per kilometer for $2 per kilometer for the Believer plan, which allows you to purchase more than 1 million square kilometers per year.

The purpose of albedo satellite imagery is that albedo is not intended for a specific purpose as GPS is not supposed to be used in services such as Pokemon Go and Uber, but it is explained that high-resolution satellite images that have not been available until now can be used for a variety of purposes such as agriculture, cartography, and environmental protection. I’m doing it. The satellite that Albedo is developing is expected to launch in 2024. Related information can be found here.



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