Fake Corona 19 vaccination certificate, trading on the dark web

The COVID-19 vaccine has begun to spread around the world, but so far, a large number of them cannot be vaccinated. In the midst of this, reports that the Corona 19 vaccine and fake vaccination certificates are widely traded on the dark web are drawing attention.

This is reported by Check Point, a security software development company. Checkpoint found a deal page on the dark web about selling more than 1,200 Corona 19 vaccines. On one trading page, for example, a vaccine jointly developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca was traded for $500. In addition, the vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson sells for $600.

According to Checkpoint, Corona 19 vaccine sellers are headquartered in countries such as the United States, Russia, France, Germany and Spain. Also, many sellers are appealing that they can be shipped all over the world.

It’s not just the Corona 19 vaccine traded on the dark web. The Russian vaccination certificate, which was traded on the dark web, was said to cost 10,000 rubles. Vaccination certificates bearing the CDC logo of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were also being traded. The certificate was priced at $150 and was sold by someone based in the UK.

Corona 19 infection result certificates are also being traded on the dark web. One transaction page appeals in Russian, such as voice proof necessary for overseas travel or employment, delivery within 24 hours, and one free for two purchases.

Checkpoint actually participated in a fake vaccination certificate deal. As a result, the only thing necessary to purchase the certificate was the date of vaccination, the correct name, and remittance of $200. In addition, the seller explained that they were selling certificates to many people to reassure buyers, and that all had good results.

Checkpoint reveals measures to prevent the use of fake vaccination certificates and search results certificates. First, look for typos, misuse of terminology, and low quality logos on the certificate. Next, all countries encrypt information about who has been tested or vaccinated and maintain it in a trusted repository. Next, print a digitally signed QR code or barcode on the certificate and connect it to the store. Related information can be found here.



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