Technology to manipulate plants with a smartphone

A research team at Singapore’s Nanyang Institute of Technology has developed a technology that reads the electrical signal of Dionaea muscipula and closes the leaf with an electrical signal.

It has long been known that plants detect the environment and emit electrical signals. But the signal was very weak. Therefore, the research team developed a communication device capable of transmitting and receiving weak signals by installing electrodes on the surface of the fly hell using a hydrogel sheet as an adhesive. The electrode is about 3mm in size, can be deformed, and can be easily installed on a hairy fly hell. This electrode can detect an electrical signal from the fly hell.

The research team also installed a leaf on the electrode, seeing that it could move the fly hell leaf by sending a specific frequency electric pulse to the electrode. When I sent an electrical signal to the fly hell using a smartphone, I succeeded in closing the fly hell leaf. A 0.5mm diameter wire can be raised by closing the flyfly blade like a forceps.

The research team is hoping that it will be possible to create a robot that can use this technology to monitor plant health, quickly detect diseases, etc., or make plants that gently raise fragile objects. Related information can be found here.



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