[Weekly Podcast] Electric vehicle challenge Xiaomi, PayPal begins payment with cryptocurrency

It is said that the US state of New York began operating the Excelsior Pass, a digital passport that proves that it is a vaccine or negative for COVID-19 infection on March 26th. It is provided as an app for Android and iOS, and it is the first in the US to operate digital certificates.

In countries where the COVID-19 vaccination begins, the movement to resume economic activity gradually began by proving that the vaccine was vaccinated or negative, and accordingly, the development of certificate apps is also active. Of course, using the Excelsior Pass is not compulsory, it is an individual or corporate option. If you don’t use it, you can use the paper certificate as it was. However, there is a possibility that it will become virtually essential in the future.

PayPal, a major payment service, announced on March 30, 2021 that it has launched Checkout with Crypto, which allows payment of crypto assets in the United States. This allows users who hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin in their PayPal digital wallet to automatically exchange and pay these cryptographic assets when making payments.

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman said it will continue to make crypto assets one of the mainstream payment methods. PayPal says the payment service will be available to all 29 million merchants worldwide in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Visa announced the launch of USDC support, one of the Ethereum-based stablecoins known as open source blockchain technology. Visa is testing and looking forward to offering USDC payments to other partners a year later. In addition, Visa’s rival Mastercard also plans to respond to crypto assets within 2021. There is a lot of news about coins these days.

Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google, is said to collect 20 times as much data as Apple’s iOS through research.

According to the Trinity College research team’s research, when Google compared the data collected from Android users with the data Apple collected from iOS users, Google was collecting up to 20 times more data than Apple.

Any operating system transmits data right after the device starts, but iOS transmits 42KB of data, while Android transmits 1MB of data. In addition, when the device is idle, Android sends 1MB of data every 12 hours and iOS sends 52KB of data to Apple every 12 hours. Of course, Google says it’s essential for both iOS and Android to send and receive data to and from the developer, so you need to be able to keep the software up to date and make sure everything works as expected.

ARM announced the new architecture, Armv9, on March 30th in 10 years. With the core of the upcoming 300 billion ARM-based chips for Armv9, Cigers is meeting the demand for powerful application-specific processing that combines the economics of general-purpose computing with design freedom and accessibility, while also providing a wide range of uses and security. He appealed for improvements in security and process technology, saying that he would respond.

Next news. Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company, expressed its participation in the electric vehicle market. The first step in entering the electric vehicle market is to invest 10 billion yuan in a wholly-owned subsidiary. In addition, it set a goal of investing 10 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

Xiaomi said it has a cash reserve of 108 billion yuan and will put it into a big game. In addition, Xiaomi emphasized that although he has absolutely zero electric vehicle experience, he is more hungry than anyone else, and that he has great engineers, and that he is willing to spend enough time, so he is confident that he will succeed after time. Thank you.



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