Half of the year in 2100 is summer?

Global climate change is happening every day, and some experts argue that climate change is a World War III-level crisis. A new study on climate change that predicts that half of the year will be summer by 2100 is published in the Journal of the American Geophysical Society.

The tropical oceanography research team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences collected climate information from around the world from 1952 to 2011 and calculated the average temperature in the region from 30 to 60 degrees north latitude. Among the annual temperatures in the region, the period was defined as 25% from the lowest temperature in summer and 25% from the lowest temperature in summer.

According to the results of the survey, 1952 was 124 days in spring, 78 days in summer, 87 days in autumn, and 76 days in winter. Summer and winter are almost the same length. Also, 1952 is a leap year, but February 29 was ignored for simplicity.

The four seasons in 2011 are 115 days in spring, 95 days in summer, 82 days in autumn, and 73 days in winter. The summer period has become longer and the spring, autumn, and winter periods have become shorter.

Based on the survey results, the research team predicted the four seasons in 2100 if climate change continues as it is. As a result, in 2100, it is 108 days in spring, 166 days in summer, 60 days in autumn, and 31 days in autumn, half of which is occupied by summer and 1 in winter. It was predicted that it was about a month.

The research team emphasizes the impact of climate change on humanity, saying that climate change is thought to have an impact on agriculture and serious health risks. In addition, in 2019, a forecast was announced that agricultural productivity will decrease by 25% and fishing productivity by 60% due to climate change in 2100. In February 2021, the global sea level is predicted to rise by 1.35m in 2100, and there is concern about the serious impact on the global environment due to climate change. Related information can be found here.



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