Watching movies with avatars in a virtual theater?

Bigscreen Cinema is a virtual cinema service that screens Hollywood movies launched by Bigscreen, a VR virtual screen app.

With this service, you can select actual seats up to ten in the virtual cinema, and watch movies in 3D or 2D with friends or strangers holding virtual popcorn in the form of avatars. It also supports voice chat, so if you have a personal setting, you can talk about movies.

The screenings change 4 every week. If you pay for each ticket, you can watch it any number of times within 48 hours. Although streaming video services have become commonplace, big screen cinema differs in that it is not a simple VR virtual screen, but an avatar visits a virtual movie theater and can enjoy conversations with remote acquaintances. You can choose between private screenings or public screenings, and mute them individually or mute all if there are noisy guests during the screening.

To put it simply, it provides a virtual experience like going to a movie theater or inviting a friend to a huge private theater.

Big screen can be enjoyed as a virtual reality headset for PC, and recently, using avatars and virtual rooms, it is expanding to the telepresence area where people can collaborate or enjoy media. It aims to provide a multi-viewing experience in a virtual cinema by acquiring a theater movie license from Paramount. A 3D version is also available. Virtual reality headsets can be enjoyed as virtual reality headsets for PCs such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality, as well as mobile headsets such as Oculus Quest and Oculus High.

Big Screen Cinema has a full license from Paramount and streams bandwidth directly from the server, so it is more advantageous in terms of image quality than the existing Big Screen service. It depends on the user’s Internet environment, but it is about 10Mbps and 1080p. This service is available in 10 countries. Due to licensing issues, there are some differences in the movies that can be viewed in different countries, but users in the region can view the same movie together. Related information can be found here.



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