Microsoft Edge implements kids mode

In the April 2021 update of the web browser Edge, Microsoft announced that it will feature Kids Mode, which restricts children from browsing the Internet with confidence.

According to a Microsoft survey, 58% of parents with children under the age of 12 in the United States are concerned about problems that can arise when their children use digital products or services. Microsoft said that the most work as a parent is what it can do to protect the physical, mental, and emotional safety of children. As the time spent online increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their children’s Internet use.

Therefore, Microsoft’s Edge is equipped with a child mode. Kids mode can be easily set up with one click on your profile. Basically, the level of tracking protection is the strictest, and adult text, images and videos with minimal personalized advertisements are blocked from online searches.

In addition, Safe Search is applied to Bing search, so access is limited to 70% of the sites. If a child tries to access a site that is not allowed, a block mark is displayed and a message is displayed to obtain permission from the parent or to move to another page.

In addition, the browser theme has exclusively for Kids Mode, and by implementing a Disney-approved theme, you can use themes such as Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Find Nemo, Car and Toy Story.

According to Microsoft, when designing Kids Mode, the concern was that children would open other browsers without using restricted Edge in Kids Mode. It is said that the specification of colorful and various characters drawn on the browser and the installation of a Disney-approved browser theme is an effort to keep the child using the restricted edge in the kids mode.

In addition, in the April 2021 update, in addition to the kids mode, password leak warning function, improved search history search function, and multimedia search function enhancement will be implemented on the edge. Related information can be found here.



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