Microsoft “Troubleshooting Windows 10 game performance degradation”

On April 23 (local time), Microsoft reported that a known issue of slowing game performance in Windows 10 with a specific update was solved with a rollback KIR (Known Issue Rollback).

KIR is a quick way to recover if there is a problem with the update, and most users automatically fix the problem without having to do any specific tasks. According to Microsoft, this problem responded to reports that the game performance was lower than expected after installing the update after KB5000842. Most users affected by this issue are known to run the game in full screen or windowed mode and use more than one monitor.

Not so long ago, a decrease in game performance and the occurrence of a boot loop were reported due to the Windows update, but this was presumed to be due to KB5001330 released on April 14th. This KB5000842 was released on March 29, but it seems to be responding to the KB5001330 defect afterwards.

The fix can take up to 24 hours to be automatically reflected on general-purpose devices and unmanaged business equipment, and can be applied quickly by restarting the device. If you delete KB5001330 to resolve the zero-day vulnerability, a security problem may occur. PC users with symptoms may want to wait quietly for KIR to take effect or restart. Related information can be found here.



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