I filed an objection against Impossible Food’s meat flavor ingredient…

There are many manufacturers of 100% synthetic meat that are vegetable-based but have a real taste or texture, but among them, Impossible Foods succeeded in adding a blood dripping taste by adding soy leghemoglobin. With FDA approval from the Food and Drug Administration, it is expanding its product development.

However, the US NPO’s Center for Food Safety (CFS) disputes the addition of leghemoglobin, arguing that the FDA approval did not follow the convincing evidence originally required. CFS said Impossible Foods produced a large amount of genetically engineered leghemoglobin by extracting DNA from the roots of soybean plants that produce a small amount of poison, inserting genetically modified yeast, and mass fermenting it. CFS did not approve it as a colorant to the FDA, but insisted that a large-scale safety test is needed first.

However, according to reports, the court has determined that the FDA has substantial evidence that leghemoglobin is safe. Impossible Food shared its data with the Food Safety Committee of several university experts, conducted reviews, and conducted studies on feeding mice in order to resolve FDA inquiries.

In addition, the FDA acknowledged that the conclusion that the use of leghemoglobin under conditions of use that optimizes the taste of minced beef imitation products for cooking, introduced by Impossible Foods in 2018, is generally safe, acknowledged that there is no problem. It is promulgating the final rule for adding leghemoglobin to the exemption list.

In response to the court decision, CFS still said it was disappointed with the ruling that allowed artificial meat burgers, including Impossible Burgers, to use genetically modified materials without conducting long-term health checks. Originally, the FDA should protect consumers, but with this new genetically modified substance, consumers should bear the burden of avoiding it, and require additional independent testing to ensure that FDA does not cause allergic reactions or other health problems in people. They are not yet convinced. Related information can be found here.



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