A 1,400 trillion electron volt superpower gamma source found in space

A research team from China’s LHAASO (Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory) reported in the online edition of the journal Nature on May 17 that they found a powerful source of light in the galaxy that could not be found so far. The strongest of the 12 depleted sources is known to emit energy at 1.5PeV, far exceeding 1PeV, the strongest source ever observed.

To explain more clearly, the proton energy generated by the giant hadron collider is only a few trillion electron volts. This discovery shows that there is a natural particle accelerator in the galaxy that accelerates electrons and protons to the limit.

In order for such enormous energy gamma rays to occur, the magnetic field must accelerate charged particles such as protons and electrons to an enormous velocity. These particles produce high-energy gamma rays, just like when protons interact with other matter in space.

How this was created is a mystery, but for gamma rays to reach these energies, the electromagnetic field first needs to rotate the protons, protons, or electrons at huge speeds. And it is possible that these particles, for example protons, interacted with other matter in the universe to produce high-energy gamma rays.

But even scientists don’t know how powerful they are built to generate gamma-ray sources far exceeding 1PeZV. However, two possibilities can be considered from the observational data. One is the turbulent flow of debris after a massive star exploding like the Crab Nebula, and the other possibility is an environment like the Cygnus Eyebrow Nebula, where a massive star is forming and violent energy swirls in the process.

In addition, LHAASO is expected to be completed later this year while it has not yet been fully implemented, and it is expected to discover higher energy gamma sources when completed. Related information can be found here.



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