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Textlint, a proofreading tool to improve the overall quality of characters by detecting undesirable expressions, since it is difficult to correct notation or typos when writing a thesis or manual, will be released on May 27, 2021 (local time) Version 12 The update was released with Textlint also works on all websites, and is also announcing beta releases of Firefox and Chrome browser extension plug-ins.

Textlint automatically detects recommended writing methods, expressions to avoid, and errors that are likely to occur in technical documents, guidelines, and papers, and informs you of errors. In Textlint version 12, Markdown plugin update and package version unification are taking place. If you spell check markdown or code block code as text, if it is incorrect in English, it will be covered in red, so Textlint implements a function to judge the target, such as not checking markdown. In Textlint 12, the Markdown plugin has undergone significant changes.

In addition, textlint editor, a browser extension that is a tool for text proofing in connection with text lint editor, but is simpler and easier to use, has also been released. Another plugin (Grammarly) is convenient for grammar checker, but there is a stumbling block if you value confidentiality for machine learning by sending the entered characters to the server. Therefore, it was created as an extension plugin through JavaScript that prioritizes privacy and works offline.

To install in Google Chrome, find textlint editor in the web store and add it to Chrome. When the textlint function is installed, correction rules are added as JavaScript, and inspection and correction suggestions are made according to the rules. As mentioned earlier, in addition to the Chrome plugin, there are also Firefox add-ons. Related information can be found here.



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