New York, US, ends virtual wedding special

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, a zoom marriage became possible last year in New York, USA. Zoom marriage is a method in which the person in charge of the government office, the witness, the executor, and both parties hold a remote wedding and submit the marriage notification by e-mail or fax during a video call.

In other words, it is a wedding style in which there is no need to physically visit a government office and register for marriage, and all participants can participate remotely rather than in real life. However, as the COVID-19 epidemic has stabilized, this special case was dropped in New York in June. Now, if you want to get married in New York, you have to actually get married under a witness as before.

The Zoom marriage exception was issued by Governor Cuomo in April last year, and as the number of infections has decreased this year, New York has lifted the state of emergency on June 25. It was lifted as a special case of marriage by Joom. Couples who plan to get married on Zoom after June 25 and make a reservation must change to the actual version.

A state government official said that the New Yorker’s efforts made it this far, vaccinated, kissing and dancing to a new partner in life, revealing the joy of real marriage. In any case, a new lifestyle that appeared in the wake of Corona 19 is attracting attention. Remote work is typically divided into companies that promote remote work in the post-coronavirus and companies that revive work, and the voices of employees wishing to continue remote work are increasing.

Of course, legalizing virtual weddings like Zoom weddings requires enacting new laws, not special cases. Related information can be found here.



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