Apple Watch rollover detection saves life from car accident

After the Series 4, Apple Watch is equipped with a rollover detection function, and there have been reports of many users having saved their lives so far. It is said that he fell from somewhere or suddenly lost consciousness, but there was a report that a person who had been in a car accident in a car called for rescue.

According to reports, Sheriff Chasady Botteron of Benton County, California, was driving a patrol vehicle on his way home from work on Aug. The crash caused the sheriff’s worn Apple Watch to activate rollover detection and automatically dispatch emergency services. He recalled that he did not remember very well, but he remembered feeling a severe pain in his neck while driving on the highway, and when he woke up, there were many people around.

According to local reports, the sheriff said there was a possible spinal injury. In other words, if he hadn’t been transported to the hospital immediately after the accident, his life might have been in danger. When the Apple Watch detects a fall, another beep that taps your wrist displays a message on the screen and alerts you to emergency services. In this case, if no action is recognized for 1 minute, it is transmitted to the emergency service and emergency contact information.

Rollover detection is turned off by default, and is automatically enabled only if you’re 55 or older when you set your age in the Health app when you set up your Apple Watch. Otherwise, you will have to manually activate it in the iPhone Watch app.

The Apple Watch rollover detection function was originally intended to protect the elderly, but it has also saved a 28-year-old man who fell off a cliff or a 20-year-old who suffered a head injury in a hospital bathroom. The smart watch can become a lifeline because it can provide location information even when the user is unconscious. Related information can be found here.



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