Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Expands to Temporary Workers

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is expanding the scope of a class action lawsuit against sexual discrimination that is rampant within Activision Blizzard and is investigating not only full-time, but also non-regular, female employees.

In a recent lawsuit, DFEH entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Activision Blizzard employees, stipulating that they must consult with the company before contacting authorities, and contracted with law firm WilmerHale to prevent union formation. It accused workers of interfering with efforts to investigate, prosecute and correct violations of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Authorities also mention that game companies have asked personnel officers to shred important documents from state investigations. This is a document that was obligatory to keep by law. In the United States, most employers hire a large number of contract workers to reduce their salaries to their employees. Long working hours with low wages for contract workers and lack of job security are all bad enough, but reports suggest that further investigations will be conducted on discriminatory attitudes towards transgender workers.

At Activision Blizzard, the first lawsuit was filed on July 20, followed by a large-scale strike, and employees are starting to raise their voices. Several high-profile employees who have provoked or continued to engage in abuse have left the company. Shareholders are also filing a class action lawsuit.

Activision Blizzard said that reforms to ensure a comfortable and safe workplace for all employees have followed all appropriate calls to support screening, and those reforms continue today. It aims to be a company that recognizes and celebrates talents and ideas that create engaging entertainment worldwide, he added. DFEH has provided clear evidence that there is no gender pay gap in salary and promotion. An increasing number of women in key leadership positions across the company, including senior executives, share the goals of equitable compensation and a safe and inclusive workplace for other companies. He announced that he was trying to be an example to be followed. It is claiming that DFEH is cooperating with the investigation as opposed to expanding the scope of the lawsuit. Related information can be found here.



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