Amazon’s unmanned payment system came to the supermarket

Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain that became a subsidiary of Amazon in 2017, announced that it would introduce Just Walk Out, a system that allows customers to pay without a checkout.

Just Workout is a cashierless payment system developed and provided by Amazon. At the time of the announcement, all products are detected by sensors, etc. In the hand, when a buyer enters a store by reading a credit card into the device, the payment is completed simply by leaving the store without going through the checkout system.

However, Just Workout, which is introduced to Whole Foods Market, has evolved further. It is the same in that a buyer completes check-in in some way when entering the store, but it responds to Amazon One, a system that recognizes a credit card and then can pay by swiping the palm of the hand. If you register your card, phone number, and palm fingerprint on Amazon One, you will need to touch the palm of your hand afterwards. In addition, Whole Foods Market has already introduced Amazon One before the introduction of Just Workout.

Just Workout is almost the same technology introduced by Amazon as Amazon Go, a clerkless convenience store, and Amazon announced that it would deploy this technology to retail stores under the name of Just Workout in 2020. there is a bar

This time, Whole Foods Market plans to introduce Just Workout to two stores in the United States. Shoppers can choose between Just Workout and payment at the regular checkout when entering the store. As to whether or not all stores in the United States are adopting Just Workout, it is mentioned that they will check and review how customers will accept Just Workout at stores that implement it.

Amazon says the combination of Just Workout and Whole Foods Market services is working to make a truly great experience for its customers and looking forward to seeing how customers spend it. Related information can be found here.



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