A robot vacuum cleaner that detects and avoids pets

The newly announced Roomba j7 + by iRobot is equipped with the ability of AI to detect and resolve lost pets.

Roomba has grown to the point where it randomly moves around the room, sucking in dust, and avoiding obstacles, such as overcoming mysterious objects and steps, and automatically collecting garbage into a docking station in the corner of the room.

However, the natural enemies of this roomba are dogs and cats kept indoors. Pets that aren’t properly disciplined can even drop filth on the rumba. Discoid robots do not detect or recognize them well.

However, the Rumba j7+ enhances machine vision and AI to identify cats and other noses. It also offers a warranty program, Pet Owner Official Promise (POOP). This program provides a replacement appliance replacement guarantee if the vacuum cleaner does not recognize pet poop within one year of purchasing the iRobot J7+. It’s only been a year, but it can be more convenient than nothing. iRobot CEO Colin Angle said that he had been preparing to tackle this for a long time and could only now guarantee its effectiveness.

iRobot also started providing the iRobot Genius Version 3.0 software update. Through this update, Roomba is said to have improved indoor functions, noise reduction function, and a function to automatically start cleaning when no one is in the room based on the location information of the smartphone.

However, this biggest update, the function to prevent the problem of pushing the stool, is only available on the Roomba J7+. It also explains that iRobot will be able to detect and avoid socks or headphone cords as well. The Roomba J7+ sells for $849 with a base station that can hold a 60-day supply. Related information can be found here.



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