MS “It is not expected to support Windows 11 operation on M1 Mac”

Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, is scheduled to be provided from October 5, while Parallels Desktop 17, which virtualizes and runs various operating systems on macOS, also emphasizes Windows 11 support. For this reason, the M1 Mac was expected to be able to use Windows 11 in a virtual environment.

However, it was revealed that Microsoft responded that it was not expecting support for running Windows 11 on M1 Macs. These remarks were made by a Microsoft spokesperson to a media outlet. The Windows 11 virtual machine running on the M1 Mac with Parallels Desktop 17 installed started to generate hardware compatibility errors in the Windows Insider Build, a dev channel, and asked Microsoft as an opportunity. Also, this problem is being solved in Parallels Desktop 17 version 17.0.1.

When asked whether the M1 Mac supports running Windows 11 in Parallels, Microsoft replied that support was not expected. It also added that running Windows 11 directly on M1 Mac hardware is not supported.

At least, the Windows 10 operation can be a disappointment for M1 Mac users who were looking forward to it, as it was possible to glimpse the possibility that Microsoft and Parallels are officially cooperating. It is pointed out that known problems such as error checking and the disappearance of the taskbar or the inability to use the Start menu on some Surface Pro X, that is, an ARM-based PC developed by Microsoft just before Windows 11’s official release, remain. Microsoft may not even be able to afford to engage with third-party M1 Macs without fixing bugs on their PCs. Related information can be found here.



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