Facebook extends the longest submarine cable to 8,000 km

A plan to extend 2Africa, an undersea cable laid around the African continent, has been announced. The extension, called 2Africa Pearls, is an 8,000 km submarine cable linking Africa, India and the Middle East from Northeast Africa through the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Persia.

In May 2020, Facebook and digital infrastructure MTN GlobalConnect announced a plan to jointly lay the submarine cable 2 Africa. 2Africa introduced a 37,000km-long submarine cable laid around the African continent to improve Internet connectivity across Africa and connect Africa and Europe.

The 2Africa Pulse announced this time will be laid to connect to 2Africa. This will allow cable to reach 10 new countries in Africa, including India, Pakistan and Oman, providing Internet connectivity for 1.8 billion people. According to Facebook, the series of cables provides three times the bandwidth of conventional cables and benefits 3 billion people in 33 countries.

The continent of Africa lacks internet connectivity, and a quarter of its 1.3 billion people are connected to the internet. Facebook is attempting to bring the Internet to areas that have not previously been connected to the Internet, and according to its plans to build, it aims to interconnect Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Facebook said that over the past year, the importance of connectivity has grown as billions of people around the world rely on the Internet to connect with others. said to be building. Related information can be found here.



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