“A moment that made a lot of noise… ” TikTok Announces Entry into NFT Market

Recently, content sold through NFTs is attracting attention. In the midst of this, TikTok has announced that it will enter the NFT market and will sell content created by several creators as NFT.

NFT, which has been attracting attention recently, is a technology that gives content such as a unique serial number using the block chain structure that is also used in cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin. Through this, content such as tweets from the founder of Twitter, which can be easily viewed by anyone, gives unique value, allowing high-value transactions like popular celebrity albums.

TikTok announced that it would start selling content using this NFT. According to TikTok, a collaboration work between popular rapper Lil Nas X and TikTok creator Rudy_Willingham will be sold through NFT on October 6th. In the future, NFT collaboration works with popular artists such as Curtis Roach will be showcased.

TikTok Top Moments , the official website of the newly launched NFT sales campaign, explains why TikTok entered the NFT market, inspires the creativity and innovation of creators participating in TikTok, and transforms the NFT world by giving new power to TikTok creators. “It’s a new way for NFT creators to be recognized and rewarded, and a new way for fans to own culturally significant moments on TikTok,” he said. TikTok users are documenting that they can own the moments when TikTok made the internet buzz.

According to TikTok, NFT sales are carried out in partnership with Immutable X, an NFT transaction service, and the TikTok Top Moments official site provides instructions on how to create an Immutable X wallet. In addition, the NFT content and sales schedule will be announced through the TikTok official Twitter account and Immutable X official Twitter account. Related information can be found here.



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