Samsung ad appeals to cut CO2 emissions with past hits

The British branch of Samsung Electronics has selected Vanilla Ice, a rapper known for the hit song “Ice, Ice Baby” in the 1990s, as a character in its carbon dioxide reduction campaign. Vanilla Ice is being promoted as a new refrigerator by Samsung Electronics while singing a song (Reduce your Ice, Ice Baby) that changes the lyrics of Ice Baby with the message to raise the temperature of the freezer a little.

Why does increasing the temperature of the refrigerator reduce carbon dioxide? Because trying to lower the temperature requires more engineers. In other words, raising the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer slightly reduces electricity consumption and reduces the amount of fuel used for power generation, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course, doing this with your own home refrigerator alone will have little effect. Although electricity bills are a little cheaper. In any case, using the popularity and song of vanilla ice, anyone who uses a Samsung refrigerator can have a great effect in participating more in climate change countermeasures.

According to a study using data from the European Commission, raising the temperature of refrigerators in European homes by 1 degree can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million tons per year. In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to keep 217,000 cars in the garage annually. It is also equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 120,000 households.

The new Samsung refrigerator promoted by Vanilla Ice adopts a modular design that replaces the front panel with various finishes. Because the appearance of the refrigerator can be changed to a new one without replacing the refrigerator, it can lead to a reduction in waste that can be used for a long time. However, since the compressor, which is the heart of the refrigerator, deteriorates over time, its energy efficiency decreases, so it may be better to replace it as soon as possible.

Also, it is simple, but if you block the cold air vent in the refrigerator with an object, it is difficult for cold air to return to the inside of the body and energy can be consumed. Conversely, in the case of a freezer, cold air escapes whenever the door is opened, even with the inner sponge, and power is consumed to cool it.

By not only setting the refrigerator temperature but also worrying about daily use, you can save electricity bills and reduce carbon dioxide. Related information can be found here.



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