‘Twitter for Professional’ aimed at business users

On October 1st (local time), Twitter launched Twitter for Professional, a platform for creators, publishers, businesses, and nonprofits to monetize and post additional information. The target account can be converted from an existing account to an expert account. Switching to a professional account gives you access to advanced professional tools such as Advanced Profile, Twitter Shopping, and Quick Promote.

The Advanced Profile contains additional information not available to ordinary users on the profile screen. For example, it could link to a map app that displays store addresses, or post business hours, phone numbers, and more. In addition, product catalogs and newsletter subscription buttons that link to stores can be posted. The newsletter uses Revue, a service acquired by Twitter.

Not everyone can apply for an expert account, there is no history of repeated violations of the Twitter Terms of Use, and the account name, biography, and profile picture are all registered, and it is necessary to clarify the true identity. Profiles featuring animals or fictional characters do not apply unless you work directly with a brand or organization, and parody and fan accounts are not eligible for expert accounts.

Accounts that are converted to professional accounts can be converted here because the Twitter for Professional tab will appear at the bottom of the settings menu. There are two types of account: Business and Creator, but this can be changed later. In addition, expert accounts are currently only available to a small number of users in some markets.

Some of the requirements, such as not repeatedly violating the full profile and terms of use, are also written on the certification badge. Twitter for Professionals doesn’t show requirements for certification badges, but switching to Twitter for Professionals may make it possible to apply for certification badges. Related information can be found here.



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