[Weekly Podcast] European Parliament’s AI ban, silicon price soaring

IT companies such as Google and Facebook are pouring money into Africa. On October 6th, Google announced Google for Africa, an investment of $1 billion over five years across Africa. It mainly focuses on improving internet connectivity and investing in startups working on digital transformation and new tech.

Conglomerates such as Google and Facebook see Africa as a new Internet connection site and are working on a project to lay submarine cables connecting Africa, Europe, and Asia. In the past, there have been attempts to provide the Internet with hot air balloons and drones.

In the announcement, Google said that it has made investments in the African continent, including education to improve digital skills, job creation, and opening of an artificial intelligence research center. It also announced an investment of $1 billion over the next five years. It provides affordable internet connectivity for everyone on the continent, enables product builds, supports businesses on digital transformation, invests in companies that promote next-generation technologies, and supports nonprofits moving to improve lives across the continent.

The European Parliament has announced that it has adopted a resolution on 6 October 2021 requiring law enforcement agencies to ban the use of facial recognition technology or technology that predicts crime. The reason behind the European Parliament’s banning of investigations using artificial intelligence is the fear that discrimination may be encouraged by algorithmic bias.

In the resolution, the European Parliament asserts that AI algorithms are biased and that human supervision and restrictions by strong legal authority are necessary to prevent the use of AI for discrimination in scenes such as investigations by law enforcement agencies and border checkpoints. I did. Specifically, biometric technologies such as facial recognition, predictive security that predicts crime in advance, and the Chinese social credit system that monitors and evaluates citizens are said to be subject to the ban.

Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 on October 4th. Products with Windows 11 will also be released sequentially.

In existing Windows 10 PCs, not only Windows 10 large updates, but also compatibility checks are notified through Windows Update. You can check whether your PC can update to Windows 11 by using the PC Compatibility Checker. For Windows 10 PCs that are targeted, it is said that an update to Windows 11 will be provided by the middle of 2022.

At around 0:40 on the 5th of October, the Facebook system failed and all systems were down. A system failure occurred not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus owned by Facebook, and it was in an inaccessible state until around 7 o’clock that day. The Facebook engineering team later issued a statement that the failure was due to a change in the configuration of the backbone router that coordinates network traffic between the data centers. When one Facebook stopped and it affects the whole world, it makes you realize just how powerful the internet is.

Metallic silicon is used in various materials including semiconductor substrates. It is reported that the price of this metallic silicon rose 300% in less than two months as production was cut in China, a major producer.

The silicon shortage is affecting the entire supply chain, not just the companies that use it, but also the shipping companies. An analyst who analyzes the metal industry market said that metal silicon prices are expected to remain high until the summer of 2022. thank you.



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