US PC market expected to continue supply pressure until 2022

The global semiconductor shortage continues even now and has a major impact on the supply and demand of PC parts. Ishan Dutt, an analyst at market research firm Canalys, says the PC supply shortfall is expected to continue through 2022 and will likely not be able to handle holiday season forecast orders.

According to him, the biggest factor that did not increase PC market shipments, including workstations, is the disruption of the global parts supply chain. Among them, travel restrictions and bans in Asia are making it difficult for PC manufacturers and suppliers to produce products.

However, from a global perspective, the PC market in the third quarter of 2021 is reported to grow by 5% for Canalys and 3.9% for IDC. However, in the United States, it is reported to be more than -9% compared to the previous year, and a shortage of power management chips and Wi-Fi chips is reported.

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After a year of accelerated purchases of PCs and tablets for remote work and remote classes, spending on PCs is also relatively slow, but supply is driving demand in key sectors, according to IDC Chief Research Analyst Neha Mahajan. It is clear that it is not following, and inventories are still below normal levels, he said. In addition, some PC makers are shipping their products to markets with a high degree of growth rather than already mature markets such as the United States. Related information can be found here.



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