[Weekly Podcast] Who will win video streaming in 5 years?

Who will lead the video streaming service? Digital TV Research draws attention by predicting the Big 3 of the future streaming service industry. According to this, by 2026, the number of users worldwide will increase by 491 million to 1.64 billion.

In addition, it is expected that the game will change in the next five years and Disney Plus will dominate the top spot. By 2026, Netflix expects to add 53 million users to 273 million, while Disney+ will add 140 million to 284 million. Next news. According to market research firm Canalys, the semiconductor PC supply shortfall is expected to continue through 2022 and is unlikely to be able to handle holiday season forecast orders.

It is explained that the biggest factor that did not increase PC market shipments is the global component supply chain chaos. Among them, travel restrictions and bans in Asia are making it difficult for PC manufacturers and suppliers to produce products. However, from a global perspective, the PC market in the third quarter of 2021 is reported to grow by 5% for Canalys and 3.9% for IDC.

It has been reported that Canada has successfully transported the first transplant lung using a drone. It is said that the transport and transplantation operation was successfully completed, and the patient who received the transplant obtained healthy lungs and recovered safely.

On September 25, the Canadian medical institution that led the project and Uniter Bioelectronics flew a drone from Toronto Western Hospital to Toronto General Hospital to transport lungs. The distance is 1.5 km and the flight time is 6 minutes. In 2019, an American medical institution succeeded in transporting organs for transplantation using drones for the first time in the world. It was a kidney at this time, but this time it is said to be the first case of success with the lung, which is particularly difficult to transport.

Recently, voices calling for the establishment of the right to repair with the goal of allowing users to freely repair home appliances and electronic devices are spreading. In the midst of this, Microsoft is said to have agreed to make efforts to establish the right to repair among investor groups.

iFixit CEO Kyle Wings welcomed Microsoft’s decision by tweeting that it was a huge and groundbreaking move and that Microsoft had voluntarily agreed to establish its right to repair.

Facebook has announced that it will change the name of Facebook Horizon to Horizon World and end the company name, and announce that it will support the creators of Horizon World with a new $10 million fund. Fund funds will be distributed to producers in several ways starting in 2022. Broadly speaking, there are three types of support: a community contest, a creator nurturing program, and funds for developers.

Recently, Facebook has been focusing on virtual reality. In 2021, it unveiled the Horizon Workroom open beta, a virtual meeting room, and announced that it would invest in developing a virtual space metaverse where people could work or shop. thank you.



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