Apple Joins Open Source 3DCG Blender Development Fund

Apple has announced that it has joined the Blender Development Fund, a fund to develop Blender, free 3DCG software developed as open source.

Blender is free software that has all the main functions required for 3D CG production, such as modeling, rendering equipment, physics simulation, etc. have.

Funds exist to support the development of such Blender, and so far, it has been supported by numerous companies and individuals, including Microsoft, Unity, Facebook, AMD, Epic Games, Nvidia, and Amazon.

On October 14, 2021 (local time), it was announced that Apple was participating in the Blender Development Fund. According to the announcement, Apple will participate in the development fund as a Patron member along with Unity and Facebook. In addition to monetary donations, they provide development expertise and additional resources to the development community.

According to data released by Blender, the number of visitors to the Blender website is increasing year by year, with 23 million monthly users visiting the website in 2020. Also, if you look at the number of visitors by country, the following are the US, India, UK, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, China, Canada, France, and others.

There are also many websites, materials, and videos that explain how to use Blender on the Internet. Among them, according to Blender Guru, a YouTube channel, the beginner’s manual for Blender is very popular. Not only that, but also on Reddit (Beginner Donut Renders), donut CG images that appear to have been created by over 19,800 users are posted. Related information can be found here.



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