If space tourism is expensive… Stratospheric travel in a hot air balloon

If it is a stratospheric hot air balloon tour promoted by World View Enterprises, you will be able to experience an experience close to the limit that cannot be technically called space travel at a fraction of the cost of Space X and Blue Origin.

Worldview Enterprise, which aims to take mankind to the stratosphere, is headquartered in Arizona, USA. Using the space tourism business promoted by the company, of course, hot air balloons cannot actually go to space. The cosmic darkness, which shows that the earth is round, can rise to a height where it can be clearly seen. A stratospheric flight can provide a space-like experience as a giant hot air balloon lifts a passenger capsule to a height of 30 km above the ground.

According to the company, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the ground at 30.48 km, and you can clearly see the round earth and thin blue lines in an open place. It is also higher than the thickness of the atmosphere, so it is enveloped in the darkness felt from space, and it is said that it can see more than 1,600 km in all directions.

There is the Carmenline at an elevation of 100 km above sea level, which is generally defined as the boundary of space. The World View Enterprise hot air balloon heading doesn’t even reach your feet in this kind of space. Worldview Enterprise plans to cost $50,000 per person, significantly lower than private space tourism. It’s not in space, but considering the expected ticket price of $25 million aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon, Blue Origin is offering one seat at an auction for $28 million, or Virgin Galactic is planning a fare of $450,000, a reasonable compromise is a reasonable compromise. can be

Worldview Enterprise says it also offers flexible financing options to its customers, and is now accepting a $500 deposit. There may be enough customers who feel that the experience close to buying a luxury vehicle for $50,000 is worth it.

Flight time is also one of the strengths. Stratospheric flights take 6 to 12 hours. With 8 passengers and 2 crew members, there is no zero-gravity thrill, but you can enjoy the scenery and drink alcohol. Of course, the capsule also has a toilet.

The company plans to use the Grand Canyon as the starting point. In addition, we expect to start from good locations such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Kenya’s Serengeti, Brazil’s Amazon, Egypt’s Giza Pyramid, and Mongolia’s Great Wall. Among the planned destinations, flying while looking at the Northern Lights in Norway can be the most spectacular view.

Physical ease of use is also an advantage. It converts rockets launched at violent high accelerations into gentle ascents into the stratosphere and soft landings on the ground. Pets are also allowed.

The company says it is implementing many safety measures. From the space flight capsule to the patented landing system design for a helium-filled pressure hot air balloon flight system, the goal is to pursue safety at every step, he says. Various safety measures have also been designed in case one of the key safety measures fails during flight. It is also equipped with a backup parachute system to gently land the capsule if there is a problem with the parafoil system landing. In addition, the hot air balloon was filled with the safe non-combustible gas helium to eliminate the risk of explosion.

Worldview Enterprise must finalize the design and obtain FAA approval. The company is expressing its desire to launch 100 launches a year. It will depend on the launch location and local weather conditions, but the first flight is likely to be in 2024. Related information can be found here.



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