The ultimate quantum mechanics experiment facility costing 1 trillion won?

In quantum mechanics, which examines microscopic world dynamics, the best possible environment is provided in the cosmic quantum mechanics experiment. A large sum of $1 billion is required to build such a quantum mechanics experimental facility into space. Why do you need this?

It is known that infinitely small substances, such as the tunneling effect in which particles fall into walls, behave differently from the classical mechanics world, such as common sense for humans. Recently, experiments are being conducted to investigate the boundaries of how small a physics object will transition from classical mechanical behavior to quantum mechanical behavior.

Among the wave-behavioral objects belonging to quantum mechanics, the biggest problem in 2021 is a molecule called oligoporphyrin. Oligoporphyrins are made up of 2,000 atoms and weigh 2,080 carbon-12 atoms. It is one thousandth the size of a normal bacterium.

If a molecule with quantum-mechanical behavior greater than that of oligoporphyrins is discovered, it could be helpful for biologic products. However, quantum material interferometers used for molecular measurement are complex, and errors in measurement results caused by interference such as gas, light, and vibration are unavoidable problems. Also, even if a space is built where gas, light, and vibrations never interfere, the effect of gravity is unavoidable on the ground. As a method of removing gravity, there are floating particles in a laser and a magnetic field, but in this method, the noise that the laser and magnetic field can have causes a difference in the experimental results. Because these environmental factors have a greater effect as the molecule grows, it is said that attempts to find molecules larger than oligoporphyrins are hindered by the problem of establishing the environment.

What we propose as a way to solve the above problem is to set up a space experiment facility. It has the advantage of being able to eliminate the effect of gravity, which is the biggest problem in the universe, and easy to control interference such as gas and light. On the other hand, countermeasures against spacecraft and solar wind, which are excluded by vibrations generated by engines necessary for operating experimental facilities in space, or geomagnetism and atmosphere on Earth, are needed. It is said that the amount required to counteract these cosmic-specific factors is one billion dollars.

In 2016, Chinese satellites exchange quantum codes with the ground, and in 2020, Bos Einstein condensation, a type of quantum mechanical phenomenon, is generated at the International Space Station. Most of these efforts, however, are commercial and argue for a $1 billion international cooperation system to put quantum interferometers in orbit for pure scientific inquiry. Related information can be found here.



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