“Google adds 1 second delay to ad loading time other than AMP”

Among the lawsuits against Google’s antitrust law against digital ads, it is pointed out that Google is delaying the display of non-AMP ads because of AMP preferential treatment.

Google has been facing multiple antitrust lawsuits since December 2020. Google employees said they knew that AMP only improved the median performance, but it was slower to load than the speed optimization techniques customers were using. Nevertheless, Google explained that when selling AMP, adopting AMP would speed up loading times. You can also see that Google has set the AMP to load relatively quickly by adding an artificial 1 second delay when loading non-AMP ads.

In the keynote speech of the developer event (Chrome Dev Summit 2021) held on November 4th (local time), from Jeremy Keith, a former member of the AMP Advisory Board, considering the series of lawsuits regarding AMP, FLoC and privacy in the future When asked who he thinks would trust other Google initiatives focused on, Chrome leader Ben Galbraith said he was open to the process, avoiding comment on the lawsuit, working closely with industry regulators and working closely with industry regulators. replied that

According to AMP critic Barry Adams, around July 2021, Google made changes to AMP sites to not appear first in search results displayed on mobile. The number is said to have increased. Adams points out that hundreds of sites may have been affected, such as by ranking news content that Google didn’t do for non-AMP sites. Related information can be found here.



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