What does space smell like?

Since outer space is infinitely close to a vacuum, it is an image that does not seem to smell. However, strictly speaking, some molecules exist. Some testify that humans can sense the smell of space by detecting small molecules floating in space with their sense of smell, and that astronauts actually have a unique smell in space. What does space smell like?

According to reports, former CNN space correspondent Miles O’Brien and former astronaut Peggy Whitson, the first female ISS, described it as smelling like a gunshot after being fired in an interview in 2002. Former astronaut Chris Hudfield also testified that space smells like sulfur, as if the witch was exactly there.

Former astronaut Thomas Jones, who has experienced outboard activity three times, said that when the airlock is re-pressurized and the suit is removed, there is a distinct smell of ozone and a faint irritant smell.

Astronomer Arno Velosi of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy revealed the existence of a substance called ethyl formate by analyzing radio waves from a nebula at the center of the galaxy. Ethyl formate is known to be the source of the flavor of raspberry and rum, and SPACE TEA, a taste that reproduces the fragrance of space, is being developed based on this discovery.

Matt Richmond, who is in charge of the perfume product manager that reproduces the cosmic fragrance, which he invested in on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding service in 2020, also revealed that he used the concept of smelling steak, raspberry and rum with gunpowder.

An expert at the Astrophysical and Astrophysical Research Center at NASA’s Ames Research Center says that the cosmic odor is based on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). PAH is also contained in Hetseong and cosmic dust, and PAH molecules float in outer space and attach to the clothes of astronauts doing outboard activities on the International Space Station. Therefore, the moment you return to the station and take off your spacesuit, you can sense the smell of space. Because PAH is also present in large amounts in fossil fuels and biomass fuel by-products and in heat-treated foods, it may be appropriate to say that it smells like gunpowder and over-the-skin steak.

The smell of space differs from place to place, and because the solar system where humans live is rich in carbon and low in oxygen, it is said that the scent is expected to be irritating. In the dark of space, molecular clouds filled with cosmic dust exist, and it can be thought of as smelling like a buffet restaurant, from the sweet smell of sugar to the smell of rotten eggs. Related information can be found here.



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